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Based out of our West London studio space, The Candy Store, founder Gigi and her team work alongside her Dublin-based sister Cavanagh aka MOTHERPOP, designing LED neon lights, sculptures and ornaments for the home.

Thanks for stopping by - we don’t take it for granted.


As a small, independent business operating within a tight-knit community, we believe it’s really important to give back to the community.

In 2020, we donated more than £10,000 to our partner charities, as well as dedicating lots of time and effort towards helping them achieve their goals.

We’ve got big ambitions to continue supporting our charity partners throughout 2021, including the Cybersmile Foundation - a multi-award-winning nonprofit organisation committed to digital wellbeing and tackling all forms of bullying and abuse online.

For more information about our charity work, please email us.


It goes without saying we couldn’t do any of this without you, our v lovely customers.

We also know how hard you work for your money, and we’re so grateful to you for choosing to shop with us.

Your decision to support us empowers us to make a difference in the real world - and that’s a wonderful, money-can’t-buy feeling for which we owe you a debt of gratitude.



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