There's nothing we love more than bringing your ideas to glorious LED neon life - we've been doing it ever since we started out back in 2016. And over the years, we've created thousands of jaw-dropping lights for private customers and commercial clients, filling their respective spaces with stop-you-dead-in-your-tracks lighting creations.

Working from the Candy Store in West London to make your LED neon dreams a reality is Mei, our Customised Designs Manager, and her team. We'll work with you from start to finish, explaining every step of what is a surprisingly simple and cost-effective process.


Simply send us an email, briefly outlining what you're dreaming up, and one of our team will get back to you within one working day to ask for any additional information that may be needed to work up a quote and accompanying sketch - all at absolutely no cost to you.

Once you're happy with your quote and sketch including accurate dimensions, our design team will also be on hand to offer advice on colour choice, as well as the type of clear acrylic backing outline for the light - neither of which affects the price of your light.

With all those details confirmed, including an estimated delivery date (normally 4-6 weeks from the point of payment), we can then process an online payment for the full cost of the light. Once your payment has been received, your light enters the production process - the best point of no return ever.

Fancy a quick play?

If you're curious and want to explore a few ideas right away, you can also check out our nifty little online customiser, which automates the whole design process for you. It's a fun way to get the creative juices flowing, and you can always get in touch with the team in the office if the end result doesn't quite meet your needs, if you're looking to create a graphic light, or if you're working to a specific budget.

our customised service is TRUSTED BY
customised designs manager

mei's top 5 tips

  • Keep it simple! Simplicity is LED neon’s best friend. The simpler the design, the more impactful the end product.
  • If the design is lacking something, try switching up the layout. Diagonal, staggered, stacked... A change could be just the thing to tie your design together.
  • Looking a bit pricey? The cost of a design is calculated by the amount of tubing required, so try swapping out words with punctuation where possible (e.g. using '&' instead of ‘and’)
  • Don’t overthink it. Often, a simple word or graphic is just as effective as a lengthy piece. Think about what speaks to you and you alone, not just about what looks cool!
  • Make it unique. If you’re a dab hand at drawing or would like to replicate your own handwriting style, we can do that! Just get in touch and we can translate any samples you have into glorious LED neon light.

Any questions?