Can anyone shop the Sample Sale?

It’s for BAG&BONES newsletter subscribers only during the first 24 hours before it opens up to the wider public. 

How do I become a BAG&BONES newsletter subscriber?

Scroll down to the bottom of the homepage where you’ll see a link to sign up to the newsletter.

When will the Sample Sale happen?

The Sample Sale page will go live at 1pm (UK time) on Friday 23 February.

How do I access the sale?

You will be sent a link to the subscriber-only web page on Wednesday 21 February. Sometimes emails can go into your spam/junk folders – so do have a look in there. If you haven’t received the link by Thursday 22 February, please email us at and we’ll send it to you. The Sample Sale will go live on Friday 23 February at 1pm (UK time).

Can I buy more than one item?

Yes you can but you’ll have to be quick. We’d kindly ask that unless you are buying for someone else, you keep your purchase to a maximum of two items – this just means more people will have a chance to purchase a BAG&BONES gem at a discounted price. Last time lots of people missed out so we’re really hoping more people get a chance to pick up a bargain this time round!

How many items are in the sale?

Approx. 100 lights and 100 sculptures. Please note the newsletter has close to 30,000 subscribers so the Sample Sale items do sell very quickly.

What's a typical discount for a Sample Sale item?

They are discounted by approx. 40-60%.

How long will the Sample Sale last?

Please note the vast majority of items in the last two Sample Sales sold out in under 30 mins. Any leftover items will be available to buy until all Sample Sale stock has been sold.

How often do you hold a Sample Sale?

Twice a year. This is our first one in 2024. Our next sample sale will be in August.

Are there other sales throughout the year e.g. Black Friday, January sales etc?

We do have occasional sales, but this is the only time you will be able to access such a large number of BAG&BONES products at heavily discounted prices via the website.

Why are the lights being sold at discount?

We have either used them for a photo / press shoot, they are end-of-line, they are not in their original box or they have a minor flaw (which will be detailed in the description).

I missed out on the Sample Sale last time – is there any way I can access a light at the sample price?

We know the majority of you guys missed out on grabbing a Sample Sale light last time. We’re really sorry about that. Most of the lights sold out in the first seven minutes. Unless someone changes their mind (which we’ll certainly let you know about) I’m afraid you’ll have to wait for the next Sample Sale.

Most of the lights on your Sample Sale sold out almost immediately – how is this possible?

They were only available in small quantities. The last Sample Sale was especially popular but the vast majority of items do usually sell out in minutes.

Some customers use express checkout which means they can checkout via ShopPay and all their details are pre-populated so the process is much quicker. You can read more on Express Checkout here:

I was charged shipping twice – can I be refunded?

We know some customers managed to purchase more than one item and were therefore charged shipping twice. All lights need to be packed, boxed and dispatched separately so we are unable to box lights together and refund one of the shipping fees.

However, we always have a very long waiting list of people that missed out on the Sample Sale so to avoid paying P&P twice, we’d recommend that you just purchase one item.

Last time, I put an item in my cart but by the time I got to checkout it was gone. Why?

Having an item in your cart does not automatically secure purchase. Your purchase will not be secured until you check out / pay for the item. More than one person can put an item in their cart but it will only be secured by whoever checks out / pays for it first.

People will often add items to their cart without serious intent to purchase which sometimes means serious customers will miss out on an item. Having this system in place gives everyone the same chance.

How long does it take to receive my Sample Sale item?

Due to the high number of orders we receive during our Sample Sale periods, our delivery window is up to 14 working days from the point of ordering.

Thanks for your patience!

And finally....

Good luck!